Lucky Gems Mobile Mining 

Lucky Gems Mobile Mining 


Mission bio

In 2022 me and my best friend Leisa Wilke came up with the idea of mobile mining as a way to make some extra money with out working for another company or job . It began as an experiment with a small box and running water , trough ,a small sifter  and dirt from my own back yard in Georgia . I took it to chiefland flea market in Florida along with other things to sell  the gem mining was the only thing we sold. That test was a huge success. 

 The idea was simple make gem mining mobile not an easy task to say the least. It took me 11 builds over $4000  and 2 years to perfect the booth I have today. 

 I worked for an HVAC company that wanted me to find book and work event as a sponsor such as fairs festivals etc much like the one you likely met me at recently.. It gave me the essential knowledge and experience that I needed to promote mobile gem mining to the general public. Had they not laid me off I would have never found the idea. Funny how God has a way of pushing you in the right direction.

  During the trial runs I discovered an untaped potential that this business opportunity presented for me personally. It gave me a sense of accomplishment it's not every day you can make something with your own 2 hands that  multitudes of people appreciate greatly. You can't just buy these things on the internet. However it is only recently come to my attention that my creation is touching people from around the world in my own backyard. But it's not just my customers tis the cities and venues that I visit I'm realizing how much my creation brings to the communities I visit and I unknowingly joined a new community in this process. 

  The artisans,  Crafters and venue organizers are bringing city communities together. I have been told a few times already this year that  my booth is helping grow the event venues for these communities. I am starting to make friends during these events getting to know great people that produce beautiful works of art some for the first time others  as there only source of income but all are wonderful people I'm proud to meet . 

   For me it's being apart of something bigger and growing with these communities and the joy of watching people doing the gem mining or treasure hunt with amazement.  I finally have something  I built that I can show for my life's struggles.  

     One piece of advice I can give anyone is when you have a dream a goal or an idea stick with it find a way to make it work . Not if but when something fails try it another way but do not give up on this idea ever ! I have had many of my closest friends tell me to give it up stop wasting time ect. But I have stuck to my goals my plan and I'm happier for it. There will be hardship and struggles trust me patience is truly a virtue.

 Trust in God trust in yourself you will never succeed if you don't try.

My name is Ernest Hillard

Founder and owner of lucky Gems Mobile Mining.

   My mission is to continue to help grow as many city events as I can .Bring communities closer and build relationships that stand the test of time.